New Publishing Division launched!

Latest Activities:

Several new items:

1) We have launched the new "Incubator" for Game Developers. This marketplace provides indie game developers a place to launch their newest game through a FREE SELF-MANAGED portal! This is a response to game developers who choose NOT to join our SGGS Affiliate program.  We do not charge any fee for listing your games in our Partner/Vendor portal located at PBMCube Gaming Network.

2) "We eat our own dogfood" — as the saying goes. We are licensing all Steve Gose Game Studio (SGGS) games on our newly launched Game Developer Incubator. Renown Game remains our showcase for newly released games, but licensing will occur on PBMCube.net.

3) After 20 years, we are able to launch our Fantasy Role Playing Game Series using PBMCube technology! OMG! there were times I thought I would never see this happen in my earthly lifetime .... but it is happening! Our rulebooks are managed by Amazon, our latest release version now supports global international gaming by mail, email and online! Players can subscribe annually or purchase a Life-Time membership. Game Members can play our games on their favorite website —any website(s)— that are licensed and hosts our Fantasy RPG series. Affiliates gain revenues from membership subscription or lifetime purchases. Details are available through our Game Developer Incubator site —see above.  Interested Game Develops may purchase this technology after signing an NDA and purchasing the source code.

4) Separation of PBMCube.com from PBMCube.net! We originally thought that our flagship site PBMCube.com would merge into PBMCube.net —a network gaming community of gamers and developers. Our domain ISP for pbmcube.com has had severe problems managing our site and traffic demands. Over the past two months, we have moved our servers to Europe Data Center —closer to our community and majority of loyal gamers. Over the next few months, you will notice the return of PBMCube.com as a separate provider of online games.

5) Legends of Renown Deeds (lord) —our popular Fantasy RPG from 1993 to 2005 with over 1.8 million plays— has returned. It seems that the mobile market is void of this gaming style. We have upgraded our game with the latest technology inovations—see item #3 above— with the same "perky" P2P combat.  Try it now ... or again ... at PBMCube.com (mobile) or PBMCube.com (browser).

Recent Activities:

The merger of Mochi Domains is final and the new Publishing Division of Stephen Gose LLC created and active. This is a beneficial merger of two prominent indie game developers. We welcome the inclusion of Mochi Domains into our Gaming Development Network. Mochi Domains offers only a few services for Stephen Gose LLC Affiliates at the moment. Affiliates can learn more in their private Affiliates' Area.

Past Activities: New Affiliate Program launched!

The merger of MBG network and Stephen Gose LLC is now underway. This is a beneficial merger of two prominent indie game developers. We welcome the inclusion of MBG into our Gaming Development Network. MBG (MakingBrowserGames.com) is a young site founded August 2014. It is run by a brilliant developer with some very insightful ideas for the new mobile-based games.

We are extremely happy to introduce our new Steve Gose Game Studio (SGGS) Affiliates Network. Review our program details here. It's FREE to join and offers generous revenues. Open to anyone (customers or non-customers), our affiliate program is a quick and easy way to make some cash while helping your favorite game site.

The merger of Tweaks Games network and Stephen Gose LLC.  This is a beneficial merger of two prominent indie game developers. We welcome the inclusion of Tweaks Games into our Gaming Development Network.

PBMCube Gaming Network launched in beta test. We're very excited about our newest website because it will offer indie-game developers a home and social network to self-manage their game catalogs in a social network environment. There's NOTHING LIKE THIS TODAY!

We have launched our newest subsidiaries: Stephen Gose Game Studio & Renown Games. Career position are coming soon.

Who we are:

Stephen Gose LLC offers several gaming portals through the PBMCube Gaming Network.

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